Don’t fall foul of the fraudsters

Some of our advisers have already been the target of fraudsters.

Our real-life case studies share their learnings and highlight what to look out for and how to guard against fraud in your practice.

Fraud awareness and protection

Real-life case studies

Case study 1: Fraudster accesses pension funds via bogus emails from the ‘client’

Technology & Operations

A pension client of a Brisbane-based adviser became a target for identity theft. The fraudster was able to gain access to the client’s pension funds via a series of bogus emails to the adviser, which the adviser acted on in good faith. 

Case study 2: Fraudster tries to access Dubai-based client’s super funds after email hacked

A Sydney-based adviser has a client who lives overseas in Dubai. She’s used to receiving and acting on instructions from this particular client via email. Unbeknown to the adviser, her client’s email account had been hacked. The fraudster carefully planned activities to access the client’s hard-earned super funds via a series of emails.

Case study 3: Advisers targeted through malware and virus invasion

Three real-life incidents where advisers were the target, resulting in attempted fraudulent withdrawal transactions, having their online access to the platform locked out and a virus invasion after inadvertently opening an email attachment causing chaos at one advisory network.

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