6 handy tips for anyone greeting clients

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It might be the advisers name on the door and the main reason the clients are here but there is more to a well-run business than the advisers.

So often Front of House staff can be overlooked in terms of their importance, when in fact, they serve one of the most vital roles as the face of a practice.

First impressions last, so here are 6 tips anyone greeting clients need to have in their repertoire to ensure customers are getting the best experience possible:

  1. Always welcome people with a warm smile and let them know that you’ll be with soon if you’re busy. This one may seem obvious but surprisingly it doesn’t always happen. 

  2. Be upbeat. Most customers can tell when you’re missing that b-b-bounce.

  3. Always keep calm even when things aren’t going your way. If people see that you’re stressing out, that may give the impression that the practice is disorganised. This is not a good look for a business managing money.

  4. Always make a note of things. This ensures that you never forget a name or what they’re enquiring about.

  5. Don’t get too involved with people. There is a fine line between making friendly conversation and getting into a long winded personal discussion.

  6. Always ensure that you go back to your customer providing them with any updates if they’ve been waiting a while to reach their adviser.

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