How to use your most important asset

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Showcasing your expertise in your field is now easier and more crucial to your career and business success than ever before. Here's how to use the most important asset you've got, yourself.

You are the expert

It used to be, that in order to be considered an expert you had to have written a book or have studied many years in a subject and have a number of letters after your name. But no more.

You are the publisher

Social media has exploded in such a way that the opportunities for broadcasting ourselves and connecting are now infinite. So if you are passionate about a subject, or happen to know a lot about it, you can start publishing your knowledge, opinion and ideas to a growing audience which in turn can help you stand out from your colleagues.

You are an invaluable resource

In a time where the changing nature of the workforce and business world is speeding up, making yourself an invaluable resource in a rapidly evolving economic climate is a very smart career move.

Here are four ways you can become an accessible expert to build your personal brand:

1. Blogging

The importance of blogging as a platform for business cannot be overstated and the fact that it's now being adopted by the world's biggest brands as part of their branding strategy is evidence that it works. WebDAM, a leading digital asset management platform for marketers, found B2B companies that blog generated 67% more leads than those that don't.A blog allows you to demonstrate your expertise in your given area, offer useful advice to your readers and connect on a less formal level while also letting you gain the trust of potential clients. It is often fast and inexpensive to set up a blogging platform.

2. Connecting and publishing on LinkedIn

When people think LinkedIn, they think connections. 43% of marketers found at least one customer via LinkedIn in 2014. The power of LinkedIn as a platform lies not only in your ability to connect with potential clients, but in the opportunities to have people who you have worked with endorse your skills. Use LinkedIn not just as an online resume, but as a platform to demonstrate your expertise in a certain field. You can use LinkedIn to publish articles as an Influencer or in a group. As a global publisher with free entry,it's a no brainer if you want to be seen as an accessible expert.

3. Facebook and Twitter

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have become vital to the success of individuals wanting to connect and build connections with clients. While Facebook is an excellent platform for broadcasting and promoting various pieces of information, Twitter is more suited to professionals wanting to join conversations about their areas of expertise and add value to discussions.

4. Presenting

Old-fashioned though it may be, face-to-face presenting is still an excellent means by which to establish yourself as an expert in your field and promote your personal brand. Not only can you add a valuable point of view to the discourse around your specialty, but you become top of mind, and a logical "go to" expert for people wanting more information on the subjects you're familiar with.

Using Slideshare is a great way of having your presentations shared online so you reach a wider audience.

Building success

While becoming an accessible expert can be time consuming, investing in yourself in this way is a steady path to building your business success.

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