Love and/or money quiz

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1. Contemplating your financial future as a couple makes your:

a. Heart feel full of hope.

b. Stomach feel (gently) filled with butterflies.

c. Inner voice shout - ""run away, run away""

2. The restaurant you're both at is five star, but true to form, your partner doesn't leave a tip. You:

a. Slip money on the table, when Big Spender's back is turned.

b. Make a mental note to express your unease at your next ''cash conference''.

c. Comment, ''You're embarrassing me!'' in a loud voice, you don't want the staff thinking you're a tight wad too.

3. You spend $200 of your own mad money for a pair of shoes you love. Your mate, a fervent fan of the bargain basement special, eyes your purchase, and asks, ''How much?'' Do you tell?

a. Depends -- you may give an answer, and it may be straightforward or just playful; indeed, it may even be a big smile.

b. Sure, but you'll probably ''downgrade'' the amount a bit. Why cause trouble?

c. You tell them, it's for your best friends BD present. What's a white lie between lovers.

4. Super is?

a. Your fund for retirement, and you're both relatively up-to-date on the status of it/them.

b. Something you're pretty sure your partner takes care of for both of you.

c. Some to do with a cartoon hero from the planet Krypton.

5. You find a letter from a debt collection agency in the mail. Your gut reaction is:

a. ''Hmm, this must be meant for another person with the same name as me, at the same address - what are the odds?''

b. ''What has my partner done now?''

c. ''Strange. Could there have been a bill we overlooked paying?''

6. The last time you and your loved one talked about money:

a. Ideas were exchanged.

b. Silent moments were prominent.

c. Food was flung.

7. If the object of your affections has loans, do you know their status?

a. You know the status of anything that could affect your credit rating, individually or jointly.

b. Mmmm, you vaguely remember signing some paperwork as a guarantor on something ages ago.

c. You're not sure - but that's their business right?

8. Budgets are:

a. Vitally important -- you can't imagine how couples manage without a reasonably formalized game plan.

b. A waste of time. No one can really hold to them -- that's why they're a prime cause of relationship guilt and fights.

c. Fine for some folks, but often not worth the time and energy consumed in working them out, reviewing them, blah, blah, blah.

9. One of you enjoys spending; the other's more of a saver. Your most fervent wish?

a. That you can continue to agree to disagree on the small stuff -- but keep an overall commonality.

b. That your loved one sees the light.

c. That your partner doesn't find the money your secretly putting away in a savings account in case you split up.

If you answered mostly A's:

Score 3 hearts: You are pretty financially savvy when it comes to love and money. Just watch a tendency to see everything through rose coloured spectacles when it comes to money arrangements.

If you answered mostly B's:

Score 2 hearts: You want someone else to take care of your money matters and don't want to face financial problems head on. Take control of your money because a partner is not a financial plan.

If you answered mostly C's:

Score 1 heart: You're not really interested in budgets, or being transparent about your or your partners spending. For love to last, you might consider getting down and dirty... with each other's bank and credit card statements.

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