How much do you need to start investing?

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You don't need a whole lot of money to start investing - in some cases you could start with as little as $1000 depending on the product. What's more important is that you only invest the amount of money you can actually spare.

Working out a realistic investment budget

To make sure you only invest what you can reasonably afford, consider creating an investment budget. One approach is to take all of your income and expenses into account and work out an amount you can spare each month for your investment budget.

You might be able to increase your investment budget by reducing some of your non-essential expenditure, like holidays and entertainment. But you need a budget you can be confident of sticking to, so don't deprive yourself of the things you most enjoy. Be realistic about what you can do without.

Investment Budget - Tip 1

Keep Some Money In Reserve

Investment Budget - Tip 2

Set Up Automatic Deductions

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