5 tips to get motivated for a better life

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Uninspired by your day job? Unmotivated to go to the gym? Struggling to stick to the budget you set?

While we all know making positive change helps to create the life you want to live, motivating yourself to do so isn’t always easy.

While it might seem tough, there are healthy habits you can develop to achieve success. Whether that’s finding your financial mojo, alleviating money matters to bring you peace of mind, or developing a healthier lifestyle, these tiny tweaks might make all the difference.

Life Coach Stephanie Chan, shares her five most common traits to happiness.

1. Set clear, specific goals

Examine what you really want to change about your life. Get detailed and write it down. Seeing things in writing can bring clarity that’s hard to experience when thoughts are running loose in your mind.

2. Be optimistic

Adopting a positive attitude and seeing challenges as hurdles that can be overcome, is another common trait. When an obstacle presents itself, having an emotional response is normal, however, it’s easier to tackle if you break it down by asking yourself questions such as:

How can I start to tackle this?

Who can I ask for advice?

Who has experienced this in the past that may be of help?

Breaking a big problem down into smaller problems makes things less overwhelming, and dealing with them one at a time can help conquer what originally seemed insurmountable.

It’s important to note, however, that if you don’t get it right, it’s ok to shift the goal posts. Being flexible can make life easier, so be open to change. Happy people don’t beat themselves up when they fail or something goes wrong; they see it as a learning opportunity.

3. Passion

Successful individuals have compelling reasons for doing what they do. People are content when they not only know what they want to achieve, but why. If you understand what truly motivates you, achieving goals becomes that much easier.

4. Practice self-acceptance

Nobody’s perfect, so remember to be nice to yourself. I speak to myself kindly in my head. Self-acceptance is something many people lack and it doesn’t come easily, but should be a constant focus. Check in with yourself every day. How do you feel? Are you being true to yourself and living your values?

5. Exercise

Movement is essential for health and happiness. Our emotions cannot function well when our organs, hormones and bodies are under toxic stress and our blood is not circulating well. Figuring out your “why” is really important. Figure out what matters to you and what you find personally inspiring as your motivation for exercise.

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