Not Quite Nigella: food blogging turned into a career

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Food enthusiast Lorraine 'Not Quite Nigella' Elliott has done what many of us would like to do: follow a dream and start a business.

When Lorraine Elliott left her high-powered job as a media strategist in advertising to focus on her blog 'Not Quite Nigella' full-time, very few people knew what a blog was. And nobody believed that you could make a living writing about food, certainly not if you weren't already a well-known food critic or chef. But she is living proof that it is do-able.

What's your dream?

Feeling vocationally unfulfilled, knowing you're capable of more, but unable to break out of a rut? Then it might be time to consider a career change. Not sure what you would like to do? Skye Blackburn saw a need for a more sustainable food protein, and now sells bugs for eating (I wonder whether Lorraine's ever tasted them or used them in her cooking). Or maybe you'll get some ideas from the story of former primary school teacher Caz Makepeace, who now writes a travel blog for a living, exploring the globe with her family.

Taking the plunge, taking the risk

Starting a new business venture or acting on an idea requires some good, solid planning. You may feel safer with a back up plan in place, as did ballet dancer Amy Hollingsworth, who studied a range of topics to keep her options open in case of injury or other setbacks in her professional dancing career.

Jane Flemming is famous as an Olympic athlete, but she's also made the leap and diversified by starting up a few different successful businesses, including a promotional company and a community fitness initiative.

Mind your own business

Stepping out on your own to follow your dreams can be exciting, but it's important to take an interest in the financial side. Barbara Stanny, American writer, teacher and wealth coach learnt the hard way, leaving the finances to her partner, who left her with a parting gift - US$1 million in tax bills without anyone to help her out.

You might like to start taking an interest in your super (if you haven't done so already). You wouldn't like to retire from your new career with an inadequate super balance.

Another thing to consider when you work for yourself is insurance. For example, having some form of income protection could really save your bacon in case of injury or illness.


Don't forget to factor in the costs of having kids if that's on the agenda - especially if you're reducing down to one income for an extended period of time. Also with a growing family, you may also like to consider some life insurance cover.

And if your dream means working for yourself, you'll need to be on top of your family budget 24/7 - especially at times like Christmas, and the aftermath of Christmas.

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