Navigating serious illness or injury

Everyone deals with serious illiness and injury in their own way. At BT we're here for you.

Serious illness or injury can have a big impact on someone’s life and those around them. And it can extend to more than just dealing with the illness or injury itself.

In some cases it can mean the added stress of a reduced income on top of having higher medical expenses - which is why it’s really important to learn about the financial support that can be available to you.

Financial support is only one aspect, and we believe that the emotional, physical and social support is just as important for those experiencing these conditions. And If you’re a carer providing support to someone in need, having access to advice and similar services can be considered invaluable. 

This guide has been created to help provide emotional, physical, social and financial support for people who are suffering serious illness or injury all in the one place. It’s also to help the many carers who provide invaluable support to those who are experiencing these conditions. 

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The time may come when you need to make a claim on your insurance. We explain why you may need to make a claim and what you can expect at each stage.
Being diagnosed with a serious illness, injury or experiencing severe financial hardship, may enable you to access your super before you retire.
Living insurance is designed to pay you a sum of money if you are diagnosed with a life threatening illness or experience some kind of trauma. Learn more about the benefits and also the drawbacks here.

If you’ve been diagnosed with a serious illness or suffered injury, you can find more information from Westpac that could help you and your financial decisions.