What is My Wellbeing?

My Wellbeing is an online portal which features a comprehensive wellness assessment, interesting and informative stories, healthy recipes, fun challenges and quizzes and so much more.

It’s powered by wellbeing solution provider, HealthLogix, with no charge for access for BT super members.

How can My Wellbeing help?

By completing an online wellness assessment on My Wellbeing you will receive your own wellness report and access to tips and tools to help guide you on your way to better health.

Whether it’s a 10 week fitness challenge, a recipe for healthy brownies or some practical tips to help you get a better sleep, there’s always something new and interesting to be found on My Wellbeing.

Now available for business owners

There’s now a version of My Wellbeing that’s specifically tailored to small to medium business owners and operators. It has all the same great content that’s on the members' version of My Wellbeing, as well as access to a range of small business wellbeing support tools, and it costs nothing to join.

Sign up today

Register for My Wellbeing today and take your first step to living well.

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