To simplify the entire process, BT has pulled together a selection of forms, information and print outs that can be used to assist you in making a contribution or a rollover – all categorised by product. Here you will find selection forms, rollover forms and all other supporting documentation you will require. Simply choose your product to begin.

Personal superannuation

BT Super for life

  1. Super Choice Fund Form (PDF 135KB) 
    Complete this form and hand it to your employer or payroll manager to ask them to pay your super into your BT Super for Life account.

  2. Rollover Form (PDF 160KB) 
    Complete this form if you wish to rollover your existing super funds into your BT Super for Life account. Simply complete the details of your existing super fund/s. You will need a new form for each fund you wish to rollover. After completing the form, attach a copy of certified ID. You can certify your ID at your local Westpac branch, Australia Post outlet or Police Station. Make sure you have a separate copy of certified ID for each form you complete. Then send the form/s and your certified ID to your existing super funds.

  3. Super For Life Compliance Letter (PDF 130KB) 
    Provide this letter as evidence of BT Super For Life being a complying superannuation fund when requesting to rollover your existing super funds into your BT Super For Life account.

Alternatively you can access BT Super for Life forms while doing your internet banking with WestpacSt. GeorgeBank SA, or Bank of Melbourne. Follow the link to log in (opens in a new window) and go to Forms and Publications in the Superannuation section.

BT SuperWrap

  1. Member Contributions Flyer (PDF 135KB) 
    This flyer explains how you can make member contributions into BT SuperWrap.

  2. Choice of Super Fund Form 
    Complete this form and hand it to your employer or payroll manager to ask them to pay your super into your BT SuperWrap account. This form also includes a letter confirming BT SuperWrap is a complying superannuation fund.

  3. Direct Debit Request Form (PDF 135KB) 
    Complete this form to link a bank account to your BT SuperWrap account or make regular contributions into your BT SuperWrap account via direct debit.

  4. Online Rollover Tool
    Use this online tool to rollover your existing super funds into your BT SuperWrap account. Once you have submitted the request in this tool, we will contact your other super fund(s) to arrange for your rollover(s).

Employer superannuation

BT Super

  1. Super Choice Fund Form 
    To nominate BT Super to receive your Superannuation Guarantee (SG) contributions, complete this form and return it to your employer.

  2. Letter of Compliance 
    If you are rolling money invested in any previous superannuation funds into your BT superannuation account, the previous fund may request that you provide BT’s Letter of Compliance. The letter states that your BT super fund complies with applicable law.


* BPAY - the contribution will generally be received by BT before 4pm (Sydney time) on the business day after you request your financial institution to make payment, provided that the request is made before your financial institution's cut-off time (usually 6pm Sydney time). We recommend you allow at least two business days to ensure your contribution reaches us in time.

Don't know which super product your employee holds?

If you don't know which BT super products your employees holds, you can email us the details and we'll get back to you with the details.

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