Understanding superannuation

What is Australian superannuation? Learn the basics of super –  how it helps you save for retirement and what you can do to grow, manage and keep track of your super.

What is superannuation? Superannuation is an investment designed specifically to help you save for retirement. Here are some super basics to get you started.

Your super is likely to be one of your most valuable assets by the time you retire. Taking control of your super today could mean enjoying a more rewarding tomorrow.

The amount of superannuation you need in retirement will depend on your ideal lifestyle, how long you plan to work for and your longevity. We explain how it all stacks up.

As well as being able to grow your retirement savings, you can apply for insurance through your super account to protect yourself and your family if illness, injury or worse happens.
Learn about contributing to your superannuation and the caps that apply.

In part one of this topic, we explain how tax works in super during the accumulation phase.

Superannuation Guarantee contributions are payments made to your super fund account by your employer. These regular payments are designed to grow over time and help fund your retirement. So, this makes SG really important, and here are our top things for you to know.

MySuper offers members a simple, cost effective super solution that allows easy comparison of MySuper funds. Our BT MySuper investment options mean you can tailor your super to suit you.

Our easy-to-use online tools & calculators can help you make the most of your super today, so you can enjoy your retirement in the future.

From simple super accounts to the full control of a self managed super fund, BT has the tools to help you track, invest and grow your super.