Understanding superannuation

What is Australian superannuation? Learn the basics of super –  how it helps you save for retirement and what you can do to grow, manage and keep track of your super.

What is Superannuation? Superannuation is an investment designed specifically to help you save for retirement. Here are some super basics to get you started.

MySuper offers members a simple, cost effective super solution that allows easy comparison of MySuper funds. Our BT MySuper investment options mean you can tailor your super to suit you.

Your super is likely to be one of your most valuable assets by the time you retire. Taking control of your super today could mean enjoying a more rewarding tomorrow.

Australian superannuation doesn’t just let you save for retirement. You may also be able to take out personal insurance like life cover, disability and salary continuance through your super fund.

The amount of superannuation you need in retirement will depend on your ideal lifestyle, how long you plan to work for and your longevity. We explain how it all stacks up.

Share markets around the world have been volatile in recent weeks, so if your super is invested in the Australian and/or international share markets, it’s likely you would have been affected by this.
Learn about contributing to your superannuation and the caps that apply.
To learn more about how super can help you prepare for the best financial future, contact us or speak to your financial Adviser

With BT Super for Life, you can conveniently manage your super online, alongside your everyday banking, and access a range of investment options that evolve with you throughout your life or by choosing your own investment mix.

  • Manage online with your everyday banking

  • Account options that vary to reflect your needs

  • A wide range of investment options

  • Help with tracking down any lost super

  • Help with transferring your super