How sustainable is your super?

We have been investing sustainably at BT for many years, focusing on how we can reduce our impact on society and the planet.

Did you know our BT MySuper Lifestage investment options are invested sustainably? 

From reusable coffee cups to banning of single use plastic bags, we’ve never had more focus on how we can help reduce our impact on society and the planet. But when it comes to doing the same with our finances, it can be harder to know where to start or what to do. At BT we have been investing sustainably for many years, and we apply our leading approach to the BT MySuper Lifestage investment options. 

Did you know that we consider sustainability issues when making investment decisions for BT MySuper Lifestage investment options? 

Investment funds that incorporate sustainability will typically refer to this as Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) integration. This means they consider the impacts of companies and assets on the environment and society when deciding when and how to invest. At BT we adopt this approach for our MySuper Lifestage investment options, and have a public Responsible Investment Position Statement which tells you when and how we incorporate sustainability across our range of products and investment options. More information on our commitment to sustainability and community can be found here

We also advocate for action on the big issues that affect us all 

A super fund can use its influence to encourage companies to take action on key issues. This might include advocating for more women to be included on their board or reporting on how climate change might affect their business. At BT we do this to help focus the companies we invest in, including through our MySuper Lifestage investment options, on long-term impacts, not just on making money for today.

At BT we believe a sustainable approach to investment provides long-term value for our customers. That’s why, for our MySuper Lifestage investment options, we adopt this approach when investing your money. It’s not just about what we do and don’t invest in, it’s about making sure we invest in companies that do the right thing by society and the planet. For more information on BT’s approach to sustainable investing, visit

From simple super accounts to the full control of a self managed super fund, BT has the tools to track, invest and grow your super

Investors are shifting from only looking at short-term returns to a broader focus on long-term value creation, including the impact a company is having on those around them. We explore sustainable investing in more detail.
When it comes to investing, a lot of focus is placed on how much money a company makes. It can be just as valuable to know how a company makes its money.
We believe in creating a sustainable future, through the work we do now, for our customers and communities, for generations to come.

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