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BT insights 31 Mar 2022
Can sustainable investments compete on returns when compared to ‘traditional’ sources of returns?
Superannuation 30 Mar 2022
The Federal Budget has been brought forward this year to Tuesday 29 March. Find out how the latest budget announcements may affect you.
BT insights 24 Mar 2022
China is set to take over as the world’s largest economy. Watch the latest BT Investigate episode on China and find out if it’s too big an opportunity to ignore. Presented by BT Chief Investment Officer, Corrin Collocott.
Superannuation 21 Mar 2022
From 1 July 2022, four super measures that were announced in the 2021 Federal Budget will come into effect, creating opportunities for both older and younger Australians, as well as low-income earners, to boost their super.
BT insights 11 Mar 2022
Are Cryptocurrencies a viable source of returns or just a speculative gamble? Watch the latest episode on unlocking the mystery around Cryptocurrencies in BT’s new documentary series, BT Investigate, presented by BT Chief Economist, Besa Deda.
BT insights 07 Mar 2022
With growing trade and military tensions and a move away from carbon-intensive economies, BT Investigate looks at how investors might capitalise on what lies ahead. Presented by BT Chief Investment Officer, Corrin Collocott.
Economic update 04 Mar 2022
The Australian economy awoke from its slumber and staged an amazing rebound from the shock of the Delta lockdowns. Households, awash with savings, unleashed pent-up demand after lockdowns lifted across the largest states of New South Wales and Victoria.
BT insights 02 Mar 2022
Share markets around the world have been volatile in recent months, so if your super has exposure to international shares, it may have been affected by this.
BT insights 22 Feb 2022
Inflation was a hot topic for investors throughout 2021 and looks set to continue in 2022. But why?
Economic update 11 Feb 2022
One of the big themes of 2022 is central bank tightening. The Bank of England hiked last week. The US Federal Reserve is likely to hike next month. And just last week, the Reserve Bank Governor conceded there was a plausible scenario where rates could rise later this year in Australia.
BT insights 24 Jan 2022
BT’s Chief Investment Officer Corrin Collocott shares the five key investment themes his team is focused on in 2022 and what this means for your super.
Events 23 Jan 2022
At the Annual Members’ Meeting for Financial Year 2020/21 we gave an update on the performance of the fund, shared our outlook for the year ahead and answered member questions. A recording of this meeting is available here.
BT insights 17 Dec 2021
Just as we thought the world was adjusting to living with COVID-19, a new variant of concern ‘Omicron’ emerged. Combined with ongoing inflationary woes and rising oil prices, it was a difficult month for global share markets.
News 17 Dec 2021
BT Financial Group today announced a fee cut for MySuper and Choice members almost halving their dollar-based administration fee from $108 pa to $56 pa.
BT insights 12 Nov 2021
Climate change and energy supply woes dominated discussions in October 2021 as world leaders prepared for the United Nation’s Climate Change Conference (COP26). Over the month we also saw global markets lift as stronger-than-expected company earnings were reported in the US, and as fears of earlier-than-expected interest rates rise dissipated.
Regulations 20 Oct 2021
There are some significant changes for superannuation that affect employers. We can help you understand the impact they have on how you manage your superannuation obligations and make sure you stay compliant.
BT insights 13 Oct 2021
From soaring energy prices across Europe, a potential credit crisis within the Chinese property market, to debt ceiling issues in the US, each region faced its own pressures during September 2021.
BT insights 17 Sep 2021
The month of August 2021 was dominated by the resurgence of COVID-19’s Delta variant. Its presence continued to accelerate the negative impacts on global trade, with supply chains and manufacturing under severe pressure.
Solutions 17 Aug 2021
Here are a few reminders why you are in good hands with BT.
BT insights 21 Jul 2021
Most major investment markets rose over FY21, with several hitting record levels as economies returned to pre-COVID levels of growth – which is good news for BT super members.
Regulations 20 Jul 2021

- More super from your employer
- Contribution caps have increased
- Stapling
- Annual performance testing

Solutions 12 Jul 2021
FY21 has seen a rebound of markets and a return to calmer conditions – with BT super members receiving some of the highest returns seen in years.
Tax 28 Jan 2022
BT helps make it easier for you to prepare for year end with our end of financial year resources.
Article, Video
Tax 01 Jul 2021
Be better prepared for 30 June with our End of Financial Year checklist and maximise your tax time benefits.
Regulations 16 Jun 2021
As a part of the ‘Your Future, Your Super’ reforms, new employees will automatically keep their active super fund when they change jobs. In effect, their super fund will be 'stapled' to them.
Support 17 May 2021
Your annual super statement provides a lot of information, so we want to explain the key features to look out for and what they mean for you.
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Regulations 12 May 2021
Updates covering the Australian Federal Budget 2021 and how it will affect you, your family and your future.
Regulations 28 Apr 2021
There are a number of changes taking place in the super space in 2021. This webinar is designed to help you prepare for these changes and understand the impact they’ll have on how you manage your super obligations.
Superannuation 05 Apr 2021
We’ve been busy reaching out to members, and speaking about the importance and value of super, and how it can impact retirement outcomes. View our recent webinar or listen to our podcast.
Video, Podcast
Regulations 20 Oct 2019
Super funds no longer offer insurance automatically to new members, under the age of 25 or if the balance is under $6,000.