My Super

MySuper is changing for some of your employees

MySuper is part of the Australian Government’s Stronger Super reforms. It’s a simple, low cost option for your employees who haven’t made a choice about how their super is invested. 

Any new contributions from 1 January 2014 have been invested in a BT MySuper Lifestage Investment Option, but any balance an employee had at that date has remained in your plan’s former default option. This balance must be moved to MySuper by 30 June 2017. 

We’re here to help

If you have any questions, speak with your Relationship Manager or call 1300 553 010 or email us at

BT's MySuper

BT MySuper Lifestage Investment Option is designed to give your employees a well-diversified portfolio and aims to achieve an appropriate level of risk and return for their age by automatically adjusting the investment mix over time.

There is a different BT MySuper Lifestage Investment Option for each decade designed to suit your employees born within that period whose investment needs and approach to risk over time is typical of investors around the same age. 

In the early stages of a person's working life BT’s MySuper is more focused on growth. As your employees approach retirement, risk is managed by focusing on more conservative investments. 

As BT’s MySuper is a lifestage investment option, you can be assured that all of your employees have an appropriate investment for their super, no matter where they are on their career journey. 

How we'll support your employees

We’ll write to your affected employees at least 90 days before we plan to move their super to MySuper. The information pack we send will: 

  • outline for each employee where their super is currently invested, the fees they pay now and after the move to their MySuper Lifestage Investment Option
  • explain that they can choose to keep their super where it is currently invested, using the enclosed Investment Direction form
  • let them know that if they think MySuper is better for them, they can leave it to us to move their super to MySuper - they don’t need to do anything
  • direct them to where they can get more information, help or advice.

There will be further information online, including a simple video explaining the changes. Our Customer Relations and BT Advice teams are fully briefed to help your employees with anything from the simplest question through to personal advice. 

Where you can direct employees if they have questions

All questions about these changes can be made to BT Customer Relations by calling 132 135 between 8.00am and 6.30pm (Sydney time) Monday to Friday, or emailing

Information you'll receive

If your employees are affected by this change, we’ll send you updates prior to communicating with your employees. This will include timelines and examples of member communications.

If you have any questions, please contact your Relationship Manager for Workplace Super or call BT on 1300 553 010, Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 6:30pm (Sydney time).

What this means for you

There is no action for you to take. MySuper is already the default investment option for your employee plan. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the way I make employee contributions be impacted?
No. The way you contribute to BT today will be unaffected. 

What are the other impacts of the move?
Moving your employees' balances to MySuper will mean a delay in processing financial transactions for anyone invested in the affected options. During the delay period employees will still be able to make contributions and request rollovers, investment switches and withdrawals. However, this won’t be reflected in accounts until we have finished the move of all account balances to MySuper. Any non-financial transactions, such as address changes will continue as usual. The date of the move to MySuper and the start and end of this delay period will be available online closer to the move.

Will there be any other changes to employees’ accounts? 
There will be no other changes to your employees’ accounts. Insurance, beneficiaries, account number and all other details will remain the same.

What happens after employees’ money is moved to MySuper?
Once your employees’ super has been moved to the BT MySuper Lifestage Investment Option, they’ll receive a letter confirming the change, including the amount that was transferred.

Do I need to do anything?
You don’t need to do anything. We’ll communicate with your employees well in advance with everything they need to know.