Wrap Capital Protection

The closer you get to retirement, the more important funding your lifestyle after work becomes. Wrap Capital Protection can help. Available only through a financial adviser, it's designed to balance your need for an investment to grow and be protected.

Take a quick look at Wrap Capital Protection

  • Known outcome

    Know the minimum amount you will receive at the end of your protection term.

  • Choice & flexibility

    Ability to apply protection to a over 150 managed funds available on the Wrap platforms. Your protection is flexible and can be amended if your needs change.

  • Is it right for you?

    For more information, please speak to your financial adviser.

Are you eligible for Wrap Capital Protection?

To find out if you're eligible for Wrap Capital Protection, you should consider the following:

  • This product is only available through a financial planner. If you'd like us to refer you to one, please contact us

  • You have, or wish to invest, at least $50,000 in managed funds or direct shares.

If you don't meet the requirements, Wrap Capital Protection may not be the best solution for you. For advice on a different way to protect your investment, contact us


Most investments with the potential for higher returns carry a higher risk of negative returns and pre-retirees and those recently retired are especially sensitive to these risks given their accumulated assets may be funding their retirement lifestyle. Wrap Capital Protection is designed to help people who are seeking growth from their investments but are concerned about the risk of a material loss. As always, you should read the PDS for any risks and how they may impact you.

Investment options

Wrap Capital Protection can be applied to over 150 wholesale managed funds on the Wrap and SuperWrap investment menus. For a list of funds on the investment menus speak to your financial adviser.

Competitive fee of 1.2% p.a.

Fees associated with Wrap Capital Protection are deducted separately from your Wrap Cash Account. For more information on Fees please see the Product Disclosure Statement. See more

Access to growth

Your money can have exposure to growth and this growth can increase your minimum outcome. See more 

Flexibility for your needs

You can make full or partial withdrawals, make additional investments or extend the term if you wish. See more 

Cancel if your needs change

If you feel you no longer need it, you can cancel your Wrap Capital Protection. If you cancel your protection before the maturity date, the value of your investment may be greater or less than your minimum outcome. See more 

Know your minimum outcome

The minimum amount you receive at the end of your protection term is initially equal to the value of the investment you are protecting and may adjust during the term e.g. to reflect growth and for additional investments or withdrawals. See more 

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