BT Panorama migration: FAQs

View frequently asked questions about the migration to BT Panorama below.


What will happen to my BT Wrap account?

When the proposed migration occurs, your BT Wrap account will be transitioned to the BT Panorama operating system. You will be sent instructions on how to login to BT Panorama to access the new features available.

In relation to BT Investment Wrap, the terms and conditions applying to your account will also be updated however you will technically remain in the same Investor Directed Portfolio Service (product).

In relation to BT SuperWrap, you will remain a member of the same superannuation fund but will be subject to the terms of the Panorama Super plan rather than the terms of the SuperWrap plan.

If you have any questions or concerns about the migration, please call us on 1300 657 010.

Migration process

What do I need to do as part of the proposed migration?

In the lead up to the migration we may need your help to fill in any incomplete information on your account. We will communicate directly with you if this is needed for your account.

It is essential that your contact information stays up to date to allow us to keep you informed about migration, so please ensure we have your current preferred contact information including your email address and valid Australian mobile phone number.

On your migration weekend, we will automatically migrate your account, you will not need to do anything.

Post migration, you will need to complete your registration on BT Panorama in order to view your account information. We will let you know when your account has been migrated and send you instructions on how to complete your registration.

Will I be issued with new account numbers?

Yes, you will be issued with a new account number as part of the migration to BT Panorama. You’ll find your new account number and BSB details under the ‘Account details’ menu on BT Panorama online once you have registered, or you can call our Customer Relations team.

Will the web address that I use to login to view my account change?

Yes, you will use the BT Panorama website and mobile app after the proposed migration. BT Panorama Investor login.

You will retain access to BT Wrap for a period of time after the migration, and those BT Wrap login details will remain the same as you may need to access historical information.

If I am overseas and do not have a valid Australian mobile phone number, is this going to cause issues on migration?

BT Panorama's security requires you to have a valid Australian mobile number. However, we have designed additional manual processes to cater for you if you don’t have a valid Australian mo­bile number.

When will I find out about the new terms and conditions which will apply to my account?

Any updated terms and conditions applying to your account will be sent to you at least 30 days prior to your migration. This message will also explain any feature changes between BT Wrap and BT Panorama. To ensure that you receive this communication, please make sure all of your contact details are up to date on your BT Wrap account including your mailing address, your email and your phone number.

What happens if I need to transact during the transaction freeze period?

We have tried to minimise any transaction 'freeze' period on your account so you will have enough time to plan around that. However if you need to transact in the freeze period, you will be unable to do so on the Wrap desktop. If any unforeseen or urgent circumstances arise and you need to transact, you can contact us for help on 1300 657 010. 

You will need to provide the details of the transaction and the reason it is required to be placed during the freeze period. Your request to transact will need to be escalated for approval and if approval is granted, your account may be excluded from your migration, and postponed to a later date. 

If I have regular payments (credits) made to my Wrap account, will I need to update payment details with third parties?

Where you have payment arrangements with third parties, you will need to contact those third parties to provide them with updated account details. BPAY numbers will also need to be updated to reflect the new account number.

How do I access my account on BT Panorama online?

You can find step-by-step instructions on how to register for online access to your account in this guide: Registering for BT Panorama - instructions for investors.

If you have an email address on file with us, we will send you a confirmation email to confirm that your account has been migrated to BT Panorama and provide you with details on how to register for online access.

You can login to BT Panorama online at:

Can I still access my Wrap account?

You will still be able to access your Wrap account to view historical statements and transactions for up to a year after your migration, however your Wrap account will be closed with a zero account balance so you will not be able to access any funds or complete any new transactions via Wrap. Your new BT Panorama account will show your Wrap account transaction history.   

My account and investments

Will you be decommissioning certain features/functionality on migration to BT Panorama?

Certain infrequently used features are be­ing removed on or before migration. This includes:

  • Cheque and deposit books
  • Warrants
  • Capital protection.

Will I still have access to my transaction history?

Yes, your transaction history will be migrated over to BT Panorama automatically. This includes performance reporting however there will be some modifications to asset level performance reporting for migrated accounts. If you would like further information, please call us on 1300 657 010.

What tax implications will be involved?

The proposed migration to BT Panorama will not give rise to any income tax consequences to your account.

Are there changes to insurance features or premiums?

Insurance features and premiums for existing policies will not change. If you hold an insurance policy, this will be migrated over to BT Panorama automatically.

What will happen to term deposits after the proposed migration?

If you hold term deposits on BT Wrap these will be migrated over to BT Panorama automatically. 

Will my transaction account interest rates remain the same?

Your transaction account interest rate will not change as a result of the proposed migration. However, the transaction account interest rate may change from time to time in the future, just as it can on BT Wrap today. 

Will BPAY details change (Investment accounts only)?

As account numbers will change as part of the proposed migration, BPAY details will also change.

To ensure you do not miss out on any payments, we will automatically redirect payments from your closed BT Wrap account to your new BT Panorama account, for a period of time after migration. You do not need to take any immediate action though you will eventually need to update payment details with the new account information. 

What will happen to existing Direct Debits set up on BT Wrap (Investment accounts only)?

Your existing Direct Debits set up in BT Wrap will automatically be updated to the new account details upon migration.

If you have set up direct debit arrangements with third parties, you will need to contact those third parties to ensure those arrangements are updated.

Will regular super contributions from employers continue after migration?

Where you are making regular Super Guarantee contributions, after migration you will need to notify your employer of your new account details. BT will redirect payments for up to 12 months to allow you time to update these details with your employer.

Will existing SuperWrap death benefit nominations be carried over to Panorama Super?

Yes, existing beneficiary nominations will be automatically applied to your new Panorama Super account.

If you have a “non-binding election” nomination on SuperWrap, this will be referred to as a “Trustee discretion nomination” in Panorama Super but will operate in the same manner as a SuperWrap non-binding election.

Can I settle to any broker in BT Panorama?

Most brokers used in Wrap are available on BT Panorama. CMC, Baillieu’s, Hartley’s,  Wealthub and Pershing are not yet available however we are working towards making these available in the future. Please contact us if there is a particular broker that you want to confirm is available on BT Panorama.

Will existing linked bank account details be carried over to BT Panorama?

Yes, linked bank account details will be automatically applied to your new BT Panorama account.

Do I need to do anything to continue to receive my pension payments?

If you have a pension account, you will continue to receive your regular pension payment amount after the migration to Panorama Super. Your regular pension payments will continue to be paid into your nominated bank account. The same restrictions apply on when you can withdraw from your super. After migration, you’ll have greater flexibility in the choice of nominating weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly payment frequency and to be paid on any day of the month.

If you have a Pension, Transition to Retirement Pension or Term Allocated Pension account, your regular income payment will be made from your transaction account to your nominated linked account. There’ll be new BSB and account numbers for your transaction account which will be provided upon migration.

How will I migrate as a Wrap or SuperWrap Essentials client?

As a part of the BT Wrap to BT Panorama migration, your account will be migrated with your existing managed fund investment options to either Panorama Investments or Panorama Super (depending on your account type).

Once you have migrated onto Panorama Investments or Panorama Super, changes to your account will include:

  • You will have access to the Compact investment menu (which has a range of managed fund options, managed portfolios & term deposits)
  • You’ll be able to make additional investments into your existing managed funds that are available immediately before migration provided you continue to hold an interest in them through your Panorama Investment / Super account after migration. Once you cease to hold an interest in these managed funds through your Panorama Investments / Super account (or if they are closed to additional investments in the future), you’ll no longer be able to make additional investments in them.
  • Platforms fees – You will continue to be charged nil administration fees up until 30 June 2022, after which you will be charged the standard BT Open fees (please refer to the Panorama Investments fee schedule or the Panorama Super fee schedule for more details)
  • Minimum transaction account holding – After migration, you will be required to hold a minimum of $500 in the transaction account on Panorama which has increased from $0 on the Wrap Essentials platform.

For more information you can view a copy of the Panorama Super Product Disclosure Statement, Panorama Investments Investor Guide and Managed Fund List on the migration hub here


I am trying to register for BT Panorama but it will not accept my Last Name / Postcode.

For registration purposes, last names are case sensitive, and the postcode relates to the last known residential address we have for you. If you're still experiencing issues, please contact our Customer Relations team.

If I don't have an email address, how do I access my account?

If you do not have an email address and are unable to establish one, our servicing team will be able to support you to make changes to your account and place trades etc. You can connect with them on 1300 657 010.

Please note, without an email address you won't be able to access your account online. We will send paper statements and other relevant notifications to your address on file.

What support will I receive after the proposed migration?

BT Panorama provides several support avenues to ensure you have access to help and guidance including phone support, email, and the migration hub. Find out more here.

I would like to provide feedback or raise a complaint about the migration

Contact us

Over the phone: 1300 657 010 – the BT Customer Relations team are available 8:00am – 6:30pm (Sydney time) Monday to Friday from anywhere in Australia. This is the fastest way to provide feedback and resolve any concerns.

Online: provide feedback, share your suggestions, provide a complaint or compliment using our secure feedback form.

Post: BT Financial Group, GPO Box 2675 Sydney NSW 2001

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