Link accounts

If you have more than one BT account (such as a managed fund, superannuation or margin loan) you can link your accounts together to streamline logging in.

  • Decide which account to use to access all your investments. This will be your 'primary account'

  • Log in to the secure section of this website using your ‘primary account’ Investor Number.

  • Select Account Administration, then select Link Investment

  • Add an account by entering the Investor Number and BT PIN

What you need to know when linking accounts

  • After linking you’ll only use the Investor Number and BT PIN for your primary account to access all your linked accounts.

  • Any parties who know the investor number and BT PIN of your primary account have the ability to view and transact on your linked accounts. It’s important to consider this before making a joint account your primary account.

  • You can change your primary account at any time. Your password will be transferred to your new primary account and your consolidated view remains.

  • You can also unlink accounts by selecting account administration > unlink investment.