About the review

We wrote to you to let you know we have completed a review regarding the shares you held in your wrap platform account.

These opportunities were a result of actions taken by publicly listed companies or entities.

You're part of this review if:

  • Your shares were held in a wrap style platform under a custodial arrangement where the corporate actions were only sent to the platform administrator 

  • This account had one of our financial advisers listed as a nominated representative and they were part of the Magnitude or Securitor network, or employed by us as a BT financial adviser

  • This account was open during the review period

If all of these applied to you, you may receive a letter or email from us. 

In your letter, we identify where you might have missed opportunities to make a risk-free gain and we’re making a payment to you. We’re also writing to you if we didn’t identify any of these instances.

What is a corporate action?

A corporate action happens when a publicly listed company (or entity) takes an action that affects their shares. It involves an offer that is potentially beneficial to their shareholders.

What is a risk-free gain?

In our review, we identified a risk-free gain happened if you took investment actions which, with the benefit of hindsight, provided a profit (gain) with no risk. Not all corporate actions offer a risk-free gain.

What is the value of a missed opportunity?

The value of a missed opportunity is the estimated dollar value of the risk-free gain after we factor in prices, costs and any taxes.

Read about the different types of corporate actions and how we calculate missed opportunities through worked examples.

Get answers to your questions about the review, potential outcomes, calculations and other relevant topics.

We’ve set up a dedicated team to help you. Contact us if you have any questions, comments or want to make a complaint.