Personal advice looking at your whole picture

If you need advice and strategies across a number of money matters, our advisers can provide you with recommendations that take into account your financial situation, objectives or needs.

Who is it for?

Personal advice that looks at your whole picture is for anyone who:

  • Is seeking guidance on aspects of their financial situation, objectives or needs

  • Requires a comprehensive financial plan, or has multiple assets

  • Is seeking an adviser to review their financial situation on an ongoing basis

What should I expect?

Contact us to arrange a preliminary conversation to discuss your needs. If you are happy to proceed, we will facilitate an appointment with a financial planner. The first meeting is at no cost to you.

How should I prepare?

You can prepare for your appointment by having some simple details to hand such as:

  • Details of any existing insurance policies (including those held inside superannuation)

  • Details of your financial assets (such as the value of a holiday home or antiques collection) and liabilities (such as mortgages, investment loans or credit card debt)

  • Details of any super, investments or share portfolios. This includes any term deposits or bank account statements

  • Details of your income (such as pay slips) and expenditure

  • Your Tax File Number

How much will it cost?

The first consultation with a financial planner is at no cost to you with no obligation. Every financial plan is different and has different levels of complexity. If you decide to proceed with a plan after the initial consultation, your adviser will explain any costs and seek your agreement prior to any fees being charged.

Need help understanding your financial options? Contact us today to arrange to speak to a BT Adviser

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