Types of advice

Everyone has different goals in life. But whatever your dreams are, good financial planning can help you achieve them.

General advice

General advice is advice that might be relevant to a range of people, but doesn't take into account your own financial situation, objectives or needs.

Features & benefits

  • Factual information that helps you make your own decisions about your superannuation, insurance or investment needs

  • Answer any general questions you have about insurance, superannuation and investment options

  • Provided at no cost to you with no obligation

Personal advice on specific needs

Advice that provides you with personalised advice, taking into account your financial situation, objectives and needs, on personal life insurance, superannuation or personal investment. 

Features & benefits

  • Guidance on a specific need with personal insurance, superannuation or investments

  • Available over the phone, via video conference or in person

  • First consultation is at no cost to you with no obligation

Comprehensive advice looking at your whole picture

Our advisers can also provide you with financial advice and strategies across a number of areas, taking into account your financial situation, objectives and needs.

Features & benefits

  • Guidance on aspects of your financial situation, objectives or needs

  • Comprehensive financial plan

  • An adviser to review your financial situation on an ongoing basis

  • First consultation is at no cost to you with no obligation

Why BT advisers for your financial planning?

Whether you need advice on a single topic or if you want a personal financial plan that looks at your complete financial situation, BT Advisers can help.

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