Why BT Advisers?

BT Advisers can help all Australians achieve their personal financial goals – from the simple to the complex, with innovative tools that make the process easier.

BT Adviser services

BT has been helping Australians prepare for the best since 1969. Today we help thousands of our customers find superannuation, investment and insurance solutions.

Money and personal finance can be complex, and most of us can benefit from expert financial advice at some stage. Financial advice can help you to achieve your financial goals, make the most of your money and protect the people who matter most to you.

Your BT Adviser can help you with a wide range of goals, with strategies to:

  • Pay off your house faster.

  • Save money and grow your assets.

  • Make the most of your super.

  • Protect your income and your loved ones.

  • Create an investment portfolio and income stream.

We also offer innovative BT Adviser services and tools that make it easier for you to access a financial adviser:

  • Our Ask an Adviser service lets us help you no matter where you are. If you have a question about managing, growing or protecting your money, just ask. We’ll have an answer for you within two business days.

  • BT’s Adviser View lets you find an adviser that’s right for you in your local area or with the particular skills and experience you need.

With the benefit of financial advice from BT, you can decide what to do right now to prepare for the future.

Need help understanding your financial options? Contact us to arrange to speak to a BT Adviser

Your financial adviser will take the time to understand you, your goals and your lifestyle to develop the strategies that are right for your needs.

When you meet with a BT Adviser about personal advice, he or she will work through a four-step process.