What happens when you speak to an adviser?

Discover what to expect when you talk with your financial adviser for the first time.

What to expect

Your financial adviser will take the time to understand the nature of advice you require for your specific needs, and get to know you a little better.

We understand you’re busy, so your adviser can speak with you over the phone, via video conference or meet with you in person – whatever is most convenient for you. The process you can expect when you talk with your BT Adviser depends on the type of advice you are looking for.

You may want to speak to an adviser in regards to a single matter or you may be looking for broader advice across all your finances such as super, investments and insurance. 

The important thing is that your financial adviser will want to know a bit about you, so we can provide advice that is appropriate to your needs. We will always let you know how much you can expect to pay for advice before proceeding further.

For general financial advice, a wealth consultant will explain the facts so that you can make your own decision on the best course of action.

For personal financial advice, either on specific needs or looking at the whole picture, we take the time to understand your current situation and offer solutions relevant to you.

Need help understanding your financial options? Contact us to arrange to speak to a BT Adviser

When you meet with a BT Adviser about personal advice, he or she will work through a four-step process.

BT Advisers can help all Australians achieve their personal financial goals – from the simple to the complex, with innovative tools that make the process easier for you.