Helping your employees back to health and back to work

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By taking action early BT can help your employees get back to health and back to work more quickly after a serious illness or accident.

No organisation wants to lose the knowledge and experience of valued employees. So when one of them takes extended leave for health reasons, it’s important to know they’re getting the support they need, when they need it, to try to ensure a successful return to work.

Early intervention is key

It's no surprise that the longer an employee is off work the more difficult it can be for them to return, with research showing only 35% of employees return to work after more than 70 days off1.

By acting early and working together with employers and healthcare professionals BT’s Health Support programs can help employees return to health and return to work quickly and successfully, where possible.

How Health Support can help

BT’s Health Support program takes a holistic approach to wellbeing, in consultation with clinical psychologists, occupational therapists and health support experts to assist members in restoring their health, and retraining (if needed) with an aim to return to work.

BT super members with salary continuance insurance can access the Health Support program if they are likely to be off work due to illness or injury for more than 20 days. And the great news is that it’s part of their insurance cover and comes at no additional cost.

Accessing Health Support

Members can get early access to Health Support regardless of whether they intend to lodge a claim and can get started on the road to recovery with three simple steps:

1. Call us on 132 135

2. Eligibility checked

3. Start tailored program

…if an employee has been impacted by an illness or injury that’s likely to result in more than 20 days off work.



The insurer will check eligibility with a quick phone call to the employee. 

To be eligible employees must be:

  • BT super members with salary continuance insurance; and
  • Suitable for the program as assessed by the Insurance Claims team
One of our qualified health professionals will work with your employee’s medical team to develop a tailored program supporting their recovery and return to work.


Prevention is better than cure

Health Support can help when members suffer an illness or injury, but we’ve all heard the saying that prevention is better than cure. 

That’s why super members will soon have access to BT’s online wellbeing portal – My Wellbeing – at no cost to them or their employer.  My Wellbeing features health assessments, stories, videos, challenges and even recipes focused on improving wellbeing. 

To register your company for My Wellbeing call your Relationship Manager or sign up here.

Find out more

Speak to your BT Relationship Manager or call 132 135 Monday to Friday 8.30am– 5.30pm (AEST).

[1] The Royal Australasian College of Physicians, Australian and New Zealand Consensus statement on the health benefits of work, 2011.

Things you should know

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