Healthy employees, healthy bottom line

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Caring for the health and wellbeing of your employees is vital.

In addition to delivering tangible improvement in their lives,[1] research shows a focus on wellbeing benefits your business by helping attract quality employees, increase productivity and engagement, and reduce attrition and absenteeism.

The benefits of workplace wellbeing are broadly understood, but the challenge faced by employers is to deliver wellbeing support and services which have value, are relevant and engaging, yet don’t cost a bomb or need extra resources!

We recently partnered with Health Logix, an experienced corporate health and wellness provider, to pilot the My Wellbeing portal with 7 different BT super employers and 6,000 of their employees.

What did we learn?                                      

‘Earn and learn’ works with big kids too

To encourage participation, ‘wellness points’ were awarded for activity on the My Wellbeing portal with incentives for achieving set targets, and a higher weighting of points for areas we wanted employees to focus on, like the Health and Wellness Assessment.

The Health and Wellness Assessment is an online questionnaire.  It takes about 15 minutes to complete and produces an in-depth report on the employee’s physical and mental health, and areas for improvement. Report insights are used to personalise the My Wellbeing experience for employees.

While it would usually be hard to get people to do this questionnaire, by offering wellness points, most employers had over 80% completion.

Aggregated data from the Health and Wellness Assessment responses is made available to the employer (note the data is anonymous and based on minimum sample size of 20), providing valuable insights into the key areas of health risk for their employees and giving them the opportunity to target funding, programs and support on this basis.

It’s not just gym junkies or green smoothie drinkers who are into wellbeing

Many corporate wellness programs are targeted on physical activity via step challenges. Physical health is an extremely important part of wellbeing, but challenges solely focused on activity can alienate many people.

The My Wellbeing portal takes a holistic approach and provides education, tools and challenges on different aspects of wellbeing – physical health, mental health, working life, connections with family and community, and financial health.

Over 76% of employees who registered for the My Wellbeing portal, actively and regularly revisited. Content focused on nutrition, sleep and fatigue, weight management and mental fitness (e.g. resilience, mindfulness, happiness) consistently appeared in the top 5 ‘interests and concerns’. It’s clear that wellbeing means different things to different people.

Again, this data provides insights for employers to help target employee engagement initiatives and focus on what genuinely interests their employees. Lots of interest in nutrition & recipes? Have a morning tea bake-off. Lots of interest in sleep and fatigue? Run one of the 5 day sleep challenges on the portal.    

Poor financial health is a leading cause of stress

Money consistently ranked in the top 3 causes of stress for people – the other two in the top 3 are work and relationships.

This connection between financial health and stress, and the known impacts of stress on our physical health, mental health and our relationships, means we can no longer treat financial health in isolation of other aspects of wellbeing.

It’s for this reason, BT have partnered with Health Logix to deliver the My Wellbeing portal, and help Australians understand the crucial link between their financial wellbeing and other aspects of their health.

How can I get involved?

The My Wellbeing portal will be available to all BT super members in early 2019. 

We will also offer employers a no-cost wellbeing solution for all of their employees, not just BT super members. This is most appropriate for businesses with more than 100 employees due to minimum sample size restrictions for reporting.

If you’d like to learn more about the wellbeing program or to see a demonstration of the new My Wellbeing portal, please contact your Relationship Manager or email us at

{1} Robert Walters Whitepaper – The value for promoting health and Wellbeing and Comcare Review – Australian Federal Government 2015

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