Using the new BT QuickSuper Portal
Update as at Friday 14 February: If you're a BT QuickSuper user, please refer to the below 'What's New' section for updated BT QuickSuper documents and guides.

What's changing?

We’re simplifying and enhancing our super offering. From late January to late February 2020, we’ll transfer the members of your employer super plan from our current product to our latest offer, BT Super. 

When it comes to preparing for the future, we’re here to help. In addition to contacting you and the members of your employer super plan in writing, we’ll provide ongoing updates online to ensure you and your members are kept informed. 

What's new?

Keep an eye on this section for the latest updates.

About BT Super

Why is the change occurring?

We’re planning ahead to ensure we have the super solutions that will support the needs of your business and your employees today and in the future. BT Super offers a broader investment menu, an enhanced online experience, and simpler fee arrangements. It’s designed to meet employer and member needs at a time when choice, flexibility and contemporary super solutions are sought after.  

Super that works for you

  • Compliant with government regulations to meet your default super fund needs.

  • Support how it suits you: email, online or phone

  • Easy super admin with our online portal, QuickSuper – free with BT super plans.
    - Already a QuickSuper user? Refer to the 'Key Dates' and 'Paying Employee Contributions' sections of this page for more information 

About the transfer

What does the transfer mean for my employees?

Transferring your employees’ super plan to BT Super means there will be some changes to their account, including an expanded range of benefits. We’ll be writing to your employees in late November / early December to inform them of the transfer.

To learn more about the transfer, and see how we’re communicating to your employees, simply select the documents relevant to your plan below. You can find which employer plan applies to you (LSEP or BTBS) in the communication we recently sent to you. 

Transfer communication

To learn more about the transfer and to see how we're communicating to your employees, please refer to the following example documents: 

What do I need to do?

The move to BT Super brings a range of changes so there are some important actions for you to complete before, and after, the move.

Please refer to the action checklist for more information.

You may like to download this checklist or print it out so you have a copy handy to remind you of important dates and actions.

  • New employees joining your BT Business Super employer plan

If you have new employees joining your current employer plan between now and 20 January 2020, please ask them to read this notice before adding them to your employer plan. The notice explains that BT Business Super will be closed on or around 1 February 2020 and your plan and all members' accounts will be transferred to BT Super 

Key dates

The following table outlines key dates throughout the year.

  Late January - Late February 2020* Early March 2020** By Late May 2020
Activity Members' super balances transferred from BTBS/LSEP. Members' super balances deposited into BT Super accounts. Old super accounts closed.
Welcome to BT Super.
What this means for the member Members will see a $0 balance. Then online access will cease. Members receive a BTBS/LSEP exit statement. Members receive a welcome letter. Login and password details sent separately so members can view their BT Super balance online. Members receive a welcome pack with all of their new BT Super details.

* For the exact date the member's super is being transferred to BT Super, visit from 1 January 2020
** BT Super is part of the Retirement Wrap (the Fund) ABN 39 827 842 991. If we find that the member has multiple super accounts within the Fund, we may consolidate the accounts. Having fewer super accounts can help reduce fees and make it easier for the member to track and manage their super.

Processing employer transactions during the transfer

From 20 January 2020 we will no longer accept new member setup requests or member amendments for LSEP and BTBS employer plans. These requests can be submitted to the new BT Super Employer Plan from 3 February 2020.

Contributions can continue to be submitted throughout the transfer. Contributions received from 1 February 2020 will be processed to the member’s BT Super account. 

What if the employer is a BT QuickSuper Portal user?

If an employer super plan has used QuickSuper in the past 12 months, the primary user of the QuickSuper account will receive a separate communication from us in December. This will contain the action required to continue using QuickSuper after the transfer and information on how we can help.

The current BT Quick Super Portal will be set to ‘read only' from 21 January 2020. From this time, the BT QuickSuper Portal will be unavailable to process contributions, registrations or amendments for members unless a request is scheduled in advance.  Detailed information regarding this will be provided to the primary user of the BT QuickSuper account and will also be available from December at

If you have an alternative means of submitting contributions, we will continue to process them throughout the transfer.

If one of your members has an urgent transaction, experiences hardship or needs to make a claim during this delay, please call us on 1300 656 560. If your member is already on a claim and has any concerns, please ask them to continue talk to their Case Manager.


Please note the following information regarding Insurance cover through your employer super plan.

Insurance scaling

At transfer, the amount of Tailored Death Cover for members under age 35 will reduce as a result of Scaling (this doesn’t apply for fixed premium and Standard Cover). Scaling is where younger members are given a higher level of TPD cover to Death cover if the member has a Fixed Sum Insured, Years of Future Service or a Multiple of Salary design. This design applies the philosophy that younger members require less death cover than TPD and is how the Essential Cover scale is designed.

Scaling will be automatically applied for younger members at transfer unless:

  • we are told before the transfer not to apply it (by the member), or
  •  a member is on claim

Insurance tapering

Not all members have tapering. Tapering is where older members have their Death and TPD cover reduced each year. It’s only for Multiple of Salary or Fixed Sum insured cover and usually from age 60. We’re simplifying the Death and TPD tapering offering and if tapering applies it will apply to one BT Super scale. 

  • Insurance tapering – BT Lifetime Super Employer Plan (LSEP)
    There are some LSEP plans that start tapering earlier (from age 45, 50 or 55). These members will be contacted individually prior to the transfer as their cover will increase at transfer due to their tapering being reset to begin at age 60, in line with the BT Super rule.

  • Insurance tapering – BT Business Super (BTBS)
    Tapering starts at age 60 however there are different rules applied.  There will be an increase in insurance cover for members who have tapering. These member won’t be contacted individually.


New professional occupation category

There is a new professional occupation category available in BT Super which is a 10% discount on current white collar rates. You can update this for any eligible employees, after their super has been transferred into BT Super either using BT QuickSuper, or you can tell us at the next annual review.

For more information on the occupation rules to see who is eligible please refer to the BT Super Employee Insurance Guide.

Other important insurance information to note

  • BT Super has different insurance designs for your employees. Therefore certain employer insurance catergories may not be available that were previously, and we will contact some employer plans that are effected . For any members directly affected, we undertook a detailed assessment to select an alternative insurance design in BT Super, and their insurance cover will continue as a Fixed Sum Insured (with indexation). 

We’ll also be in touch with other updates, especially if you’re affected by the government’s new Putting Members’ Interests First super legislation. This means members with insurance through super, and an account balance below $6,000, will need to take action if they wish to keep their insurance. 

Paying employee contributions

Please note: From 20 January 2020, we can no longer accept new member set up requests or member amendments to your current super plan. You’ll be able to submit these requests to your BT Super plan from 3 February 2020.

You can continue to submit contributions for existing members of your plan throughout the transfer. Contributions received from 1 February 2020 will be processed to the member’s BT Super account effective the date they are received (before 4.00pm Sydney time).

After the transfer to BT Super, there will be a new Unique Superannuation Identifier code (USI) to use to direct contributions to your plan. The new USI (BTA0287AU) is different to the USI you are currently using.

To allocate super contributions for your employees, you’ll also need to use their new BT Super member numbers, which they’ll receive after the transfer.

If your company has accessed BT QuickSuper in the past 12 months, the client contact on your BT QuickSuper account will receive a series of email communications from us, starting in December, with information regarding QuickSuper.

You can view a sample of this communication in the 'About the transfer' section of this site.

If you use the BT QuickSuper portal, it’s important to note there will be a different version to use from February 2020.

  • After 20 January 2020, the current BT QuickSuper Portal will be unavailable to process contributions, registrations or amendments unless a request is scheduled in advance.

  • If you have an alternative way of submitting employee contributions we’ll continue to process them throughout the transfer.

  • After the transfer is complete, your BT QuickSuper administrator will be provided with new login details to enable access to this portal. When logging into the portal for the first time, they will go through a standard registration process which includes setting a new password.

  • We’ll get in touch with your QuickSuper administrator in December with what they need to do and how we’ll support them through this change.

Contact us

How do I find out more?

We’re here to help. If you can't find the answer to your question on this site please call us on 1300 656 560, Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 6:30pm (Sydney time).