Government super amnesty

What was the superannuation guarantee amnesty?

The amnesty allowed employers to disclose and pay previously unpaid super, including nominal interest that they owe their employees.

I've missed the deadline - is there anything I can do?

The ATO website states that "the law does not all us (the ATO) to vary the due date for lodgement of an amnesty application.".  However they recommend, If you’re a small or medium business and you need further assistance managing your tax and super obligations, to contact their Emergency Support Infoline on 1800 806 218 or speak with a trusted tax adviser.

What are my Super Guarantee obligations?

As an employer you may be obliged to make Super Guarantee payments on behalf of your employees. The rate is currently 9.5% of an employee’s ordinary time earnings.

To find out if you are meeting your business super obligations and doing the right thing for your employees, check your Business Super Profile today.

For more information about who you have to pay super to, refer to the ATO website or speak to your accountant.

More information

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