Sustainability framework

Committed to finding new ways of doing business that will help us drive sustainable growth, better social outcomes and ultimately, a stronger economy.

Our approach

Just like our parent company Westpac Group, doing the right thing is at the heart of everything we do.

BTFG's sustainability framework

  • Invest responsibly

    Integrating environmental, social, and corporate governance factors into investment decisions, and actively engaging with the companies we invest in

  • Lead through education and influence

    Taking a leadership position on environmental, social and economic issues to influence change and better outcomes for Australia

  • Create sustainable wealth solutions

    Creating products and services that are easy to access, understand and afford; and giving investors a choice of products aligned to their values  

The Westpac Group’s approach to sustainability

As part of the Westpac Group, we are committed to taking a long-term view on the issues that will impact future prosperity and work closely together with our partners to ensure we work responsibly.

Read more about Westpac’s approach to sustainability.

Responsible investing

BTFG is part of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment. These principles commit institutional investors to incorporate Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) considerations into investment analysis, decision making and ownership priorities.

We have a responsibility to protect and promote our customers’ financial interests and ensure the assets they have with us continue to endure and prosper into the future. We believe that responsible investing is essential for long-term value for our customers.

BT Financial Group’s approach to responsible investing is governed by four key principles:

  • Consideration of ESG factors in the investments process can help drive positive financial outcomes

  • We make solutions available to our customers to empower them to manage their own environmental and social impacts

  • As institutional investors and custodians of our customers’ money, we have a responsibility to be active owners

  • Transparency counts