School for Social Entrepreneurs

Supporting social entrepreneurs so that they can develop, scale and launch businesses that make a difference within the community.

SSE partnership

BT has proudly been partnering with the School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE) since 2014, preparing social entrepreneurs with the education, tools and networks they need to establish, grow and scale their ‘profit for purpose’ ventures, that make a difference within the community.

As part of our partnership, we sponsor an annual program where students are connected with our employees and are given access to a range of support tools, workshops and events.

This year we’re supporting the four-month SSE & BT Accelerator Program, offering a unique combination of personal and professional support for up to 18 entrepreneurial individuals with a social venture.

The program runs between August to October 2016 with study blocks in Sydney and Melbourne. Participants will be able to work with our mentors to develop their social enterprise and grow their impact and sustainability. The Accelerator program delivers practical business advice to the students in areas such as how to maximise their social impact, how to pitch, business planning, marketing, governance and communication.

For more information on the SSE and BT Accelerator Program please visit the School for Social Entrepreneurs website.

School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE) Australia inspires and equips changemakers to establish, scale and sustain social ventures.