Bryan Ashenden, Head of Financial Literacy and Advocacy

Bryan Ashenden

Bryan Ashenden leads BT’s Advice Technical team which supports advisers with the impact of incumbent and pending legislative and regulatory change to strategic and technical advice. Bryan also leads BT’s team of advice policy consultants.

Bryan has supported advisers with technical consulting for over 15 years, now at BT, and previously at Asgard Wealth Solutions.

Earlier Bryan held tax management roles at KPMG.

With qualifications in Law, Commerce and Financial Planning, and being a SMSF Association Specialist Advisor, Bryan is a frequent presenter and facilitator at many industry events and regularly contributes to trade and consumer publications. He is also a regular panellist on Sky Business’ “Your Money Your Call”.


  • The impact of pending and incumbent legislative and regulatory change to technical and strategic advice

  • Financial literacy

  • Personal Finance tips for investors, retirees and SMSF