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Melinda Howes

Melinda Howes, General Manager, Superannuation

  • The future of superannuation in Australia
  • BT Financial Group’s superannuation strategy
  • What’s driving innovation for members
Kelly Power

Kelly Power, Head of Platforms

  • Platform innovation
  • Drivers of industry change 
  • Adviser sentiment
Brad Cooper

Brad Cooper, Chief Executive

  • BT Financial Group strategy and results
  • Wealth management industry leadership
  • Westpac Group LGBTI inclusion strategy
Marks Spiers

Mark Spiers, General Manager, Advice

  • BT Financial Group’s advice strategy
  • Advice revolution – the changing face of advice
  • Ongoing professionalisation and education of the advice industry
Bryan Ashenden

Bryan Ashenden, Head of Financial Literacy and Advocacy

  • The impact of pending and incumbent legislative and regulatory change to technical and strategic advice
  • Financial literacy
  • Personal Finance tips for investors, retirees and SMSF
Jane Watts

Jane Watts, General Manager, BT Advice & Private Wealth

  • BT Financial Group’s private wealth and advice strategy across Westpac, St.George and Bank of Melbourne
  • Leadership in Australia’s private wealth sector
  • Behavioural finance in private wealth
George Toubia

George Toubia, Chief Investment Director, Private Wealth

  • Investment selection expertise
  • Financial markets and macro events
  • Sector analysis – domestic & global
  • High Net Worth customer insights
John Shuttleworth

John Shuttleworth, General Manager Platforms and Investments

  • Customer-led innovation
  • Business and technology transformation
  • Making investments accessible to all customers
Linda Da Silva

Linda Da Silva, CIO

  • Provide technology leadership and deliver solutions
  • Maximise the value of strategic partners
  • Strategic insight and execution of change

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