BT launches LifeCENTRAL+ Online

In just over one month since the launch of the internet browser version of BT’s life insurance quote and application software, LifeCENTRAL+ Online, the total number of quotes generated by advisers has increased by more than 30 per cent, with more than 3,500 advisers and their support staff now using the software.

Since September 2018, BT has released a series of enhancements to LifeCENTRAL+, making it easier and more convenient for advisers to assist clients with obtaining the right cover.

With advisers now spending, on average, a fifth (21 per cent) of their working hours outside of their office,1 mobile optimisation of LifeCENTRAL+ was a priority for BT. The new LifeCENTRAL+ Online is attracting new users due to its improved accessibility.

Sean Boner, Head of Product, Life Insurance, BT, said: “LifeCENTRAL+ Online is designed to support the different ways that many advisers work and engage with their clients. Advisers can obtain a quote, apply for cover and check on the progress of their clients’ applications, from virtually anywhere. They can also share access to quotes and applications with their colleagues and support staff from their laptops or mobile devices – allowing them to collaborate within their teams more efficiently.

“Judging from the adviser take-up, this most recent enhancement to LifeCENTRAL+ is a very welcome one. We’ll continue to listen to advisers’ feedback so we can further assist them to work efficiently and service their clients’ needs more easily.”

Over the past eight months, BT has added new features to LifeCENTRAL+, including:

Split payment options for policies linked inside and outside super – Protection Plans that are linked inside and outside super can now be split, with annual, half-yearly, quarterly and monthly payment options available.

Integration with IRESS RiskResearcher and OmniLife Risk Research tools –LifeCENTRAL+ is now integrated with these research tools, enabling advisers to populate client data within the research software, resulting in time savings and better accuracy.

Flexible application form – the ‘personal statement’ section of the application form has been redesigned to be more flexible, so relevant questions can be answered in the order that clients and their advisers prefer, with automated prompts and more streamlined questions.

Copy, store, share and delegate functionality – advisers can give permissions for their support staff and other colleagues to access LifeCENTRAL+, to improve efficiencies with application lodgement and processing time.

1. Investment Trends Planner Technology Report, May 2018

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