Wellbeing and wealth a super match

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BT is forever changing the way Australians feel about superannuation by partnering it with a wellbeing program, so that feeling good and achieving better outcomes covers all aspects of our lives.

The new approach will draw together all key aspects of wellbeing – financial, health, family, community, workplace and values.

BT will provide the financial wellbeing input into the program and has already developed Wealth Review, an interactive digital program Australians can use to get an immediate picture of all of their financial affairs.

Westpac runs a leading wellbeing program for over 40,000 employees and BT will utilise this experience as an employer of choice to develop wellbeing programs that are meaningful to employers and their employees.

Westpac and BT’s existing member programs for their super funds have a strong family and community focus. This capability will be shared with corporate superannuation partners who are looking for a new approach to their super solution.

The new approach will also incorporate BT’s existing lifestyle programs such as #Get Moving and Benefits Now, which help members get financially well organised, save money and get fit.

“Over the coming months, we will be making further announcements on partnerships that will grow and extend this new approach to super,” said Ms Melinda Howes, general manager of superannuation, BT Financial Group.

“Our intention is to take super in a new direction, to change how Australians feel about their super from something a long way in the future to something that benefits them now,” added Ms Howes. The benefits of partnering superannuation with wellbeing is based on research showing people with a sense of wellbeing in their lives have better financial outcomes.

Findings from the latest BT Australian Financial Health Index support the growing pool of evidence that people who say they feel physically fit (healthy), also rate themselves as financially fit.

For example, of the Australians who gave themselves a physical fitness score of 4 or above out of 5, 45 per cent gave themselves a financial fitness score of 8 or above out of 11. And for those who rated themselves as not physically fit (score of 1 or 2 out of 5), just 22 per cent gave themselves a score of 8 or above for their financial fitness.

Further findings show financially educated Australians are getting better quality sleep than those less financially literate. Of those who agree to ‘feeling financially educated’, 67 per cent say their sleep quality is good or very good, compared to those who disagree with this statement. Only 43 per cent say their sleep quality is good or very good.

“Super provides for our future wellbeing and this is very powerful when aligned with initiatives that address our current wellbeing, including physical and mental health. Companies want fitter, happier and more engaged employees. Many of our super members also want to be healthier, more balanced and need help sorting out their finances.

“We want to take this approach to all Australians, drawing on Westpac’s experience as a leading employer and BT Financial Group’s expertise in wealth management and super,” concluded Ms Howes.


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