How to make a good LinkedIn profile great

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LinkedIn is a great professional networking community that's free and can take your career to new heights if you know how to get the most out of it.

Here are 12 tips that will help you stand out to recruiters and colleagues.

  • Put up a picture: People (including recruiters) respond best to a visual image. Make sure your photo is recent, is good quality. For example in focus is a head shot, and doesn't involve you drinking tequilas with mates on your last holiday. Keep it professional.

  • Be up to date: At a minimum make sure your experience includes your current role.

  • For each role include your responsibilities and achievements. It's important to document your successes, not just what you've done.

  • If you are actively looking for work or open to offers, then put a call to action in your summary asking recruiters to contact you. This will encourage them to reach out. Similarly if you are looking to relocate say so.

  • Include your contact information. Not all recruiters have paid accounts, which allows them to contact people through LinkedIn's messaging system. Add the Advice for Contacting section and put your email address in. Consider doing it in a format that is obscured, such as using the word AT and Dot, so you don't get unwanted attention from bots.

  • Write a killer summary. Your summary should reflect your expertise and experience, but also your enthusiasm. Include some personality and what you are passionate about. This helps you not just get a job, but get a job you love.

  • Keep your summary short and sharp and break it down into short paragraphs. No-one wants to read a white paper.

  • Use LinkedIn's professional portfolio to make your profile multi-media and include videos and images if appropriate. You can also point to other ways people can find you online. For example, samples of your work, websites where you have been published or presentations you've done on Slideshare.

  • Give recommendations and endorsements and ask for them too but only from people your respect and trust. Too many endorsements can look messy so be selective and make sure there is method to your skill set choices. You might be qualified in childcare, but if you want a role in social media, perhaps best to leave that out.

  • Make a custom profile URL and use it. It's a simple way for people to connect with you.

  • Don't be afraid to network. Reach out to peers and ask them about roles in their companies. Also network in LinkedIn groups. They can be an invaluable way to show not only your interests but also to meet people in your industry and have conversations you wouldn't normally be able to have.

  • Show your expertise by posting professional LinkedIn status updates and show that you know your stuff. Got a professional blog? Share your blog posts and interesting industry news.

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